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5 Ways to Grow your Readership with Responsive Content

Tuesday May 17th, 2022

11am ET / 4pm GMT

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What you will learn:

This Webinar will cover 5 key features you should be using to increase your readership and engage your readers:

  • Creating content that attracts readers
    Stand out by adding design to your content. Responsive design offers the opportunity to create beautifully designed content to attract your readers
  • Publishing different types of content
    How publishing interactive content better engages readers. Not only text and images, but so many different mediums are also available with responsive content, from infographics, embedded sections, image galleries, videos, forms, and buttons. 
  • Improving the reading experience
    Responsive across many screens, simple scroll reading on smaller screens.
  • Accessible reading
    A more inclusive readership with WCAG standard compliance. Builds on SEO. Digital publication is more easily accessed. A large market for those are making their publications accessible to all. 
  • How to know your audience
    There is a need to understand who your readers are, what they want, and how you can solve their problems. Digital responsive design gives you the opportunity of adding analytics. To gather quantitative data about your audience and traffic.

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  • Key Features
    • Auto reshapes for responsive content
    • Add your branding to many predesigned templates
    • Ability to White Label platform
    • Assign multiple user types and determine the level of access
    • Have the platform appear on your own domain
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  • Top Benefits
    • Reduce cost of responsive content creation to just 1%
    • Increase readership 2 fold 
    • Accelerate content creation speed by 50 times